About Us


My Inspiration:  From Childhood thru today I have always been a Creative Soul. Color, Shape, & Texture rule my senses. The art I create is the result of the thousands of photographs I have taken while on adventures and are the result of the Creative Gifts that I have been blessed with. I see the beauty found in Nature and City alike and present it often in a surreal way thru my art.

My Medium:  Digital Composition Art:  The ability to remove any portion of a photograph and combine it with other images removed from other photographs to create a new image. Then each finished image is printed using the giclée process of a 12 ink system on archival paper or canvas. All giclée prints or canvas created by our studio are rated to last 100+ years. All of our studio's frames are hand crafted by Artisans with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Background:  I was born in rural Ohio and spent my childhood in a farm community near a scenic area called the Hocking Hills. My family often spent time enjoying the caves and waterfalls throughout the area. Being exposed to nature both on our farm and places like the Hocking Hills was an early influence artistically. You could always find me sketching in the playroom of our home.

Upon graduation from High School, I began my career at a printing company where I was fortunate to be placed in the prepress department. There I learned about concept-design, photography, film separation of color, and how to create an image for printing. Seeing the finished result coming off the printing press was always exciting and fulfilling. Eventually I started my own company offering companies my expertise in all aspects of print production.

Today:  I live a Happy Life in Florida with my Company Spoke-dog Sir Opie Elton Hockman. I have been very fortunate to have been invited to present my work in Europe and the United States. It is my hope to be able to continue the creation of my art for many years to come.

The Sparky Fund:  My 1st Spokes-dog was Sir Sparky Elton Hockman who passed away several years ago and in his memory I donate a percentage of each sale to help with the care and adoption of dogs needing a good home.